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Arica Queen - Mr. Gimmie

Virginia Based Female Hip-Hop Artist Arica
Queen Plans to Go Worldwide
NORFOLK, VA- For people who enjoy music from Lil Kim and Rihanna, they’ll soon fall in love with hip-hop artist Arica Queen. The artist is a veteran in the music game, after receiving her start in high school. Since this point, she has never stopped writing songs or going after her goals. After being a featured artist on “Virginia Riot”, things have continued to take off for Arica Queen. In her own words, she hasn’t stopped “going hard” since then.
After her career really started to take off, Arica Queen mentions how things have been going well overall. Specifically in Virginia, she has continued to make good ground locally, as she has quickly become a household name. “In my area, they’ll mention me when you ask about well-known artists. My goal is to gain exposure outside of my area. I’m trying to take it a step further,” said the artist. In the meantime, Arica Queen is pleased with the trajectory her career is headed. She’s not afraid to put in the work that’s necessary to end up where she wants to be.
Arica Queen’s single “Mr. Gimmie” has been keeping the charts hot. Saying that her fans love the song would be an absolute understatement. And though the song was written for women, the artist has quickly discovered how much men love it as well! “When I wrote it, I wrote it for women. But, guys have taken a liking to it too. It’s a dance meets hip-hop song, and talks about the perfect man that women fantasize about. He’s just a fantasy, though, because there’s no man that does all of that,” said the artist. Right now, amidst all of the success surrounding the song, her team is also pushing the music video as well as local shows.
Arica Queen has a vision of taking her brand worldwide. She has conquered the Virginia market, and is looking to take her craft to the next place. “In my mind, in the future we’ll be able to perform, market and brand ourselves worldwide,” said the artist. For her, it’s about turning each beat into something that showcases how it makes her feel. She’s different from your average female artist, and plans to make herself a worldwide name.

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