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Ant Ohso Dank - Peso | @LookAntOhSoDank

It's been quite the year for Ant Ohso Dank both musically and personally. Over the past few years, the young riser has been honing his sound and dropping songs via Soundcloud. That is until 2018 arrived. This was when Ant decided to take things multiple levels higher. He began debuting impressive videos for his remix singles. At the top of the year, he burst onto the scene with the dual release, "Save Me / Skrilla", directed by JaviLenzVisual. The track found the aspiring rapper in prime form as he tackled instrumentals from the likes of Meek Mill and Kodak Black. It also marked the beginning of the internet starting to pick up on his music as well. 

After the success of the video, he began to methodically map out a strategic campaign that would lead up to his debut album, "Out The Hallway". Ant then presented fans to another incredible video for "Codeine Dreaming", another Kodak Black remix. Directed by AMR for Final Filmz, the single found the rapper proclaiming his stance within the industry, which he feels is riddled full of fraudulent antics and at a loss for originality. The video was received well on his Facebook page, garnering an impressive 11k+ thus far alone. 
The release was featured on more than 50 websites and led up to today's single, "Peso". This song is Dank's first all original production, done by DAP Beatz. The pair hit it off so well that DAP is now exclusively producing the entire "Out The Hallway" album. The video is once again filmed by AMR and features some clever video edits, such as Ant rapping inside a dollar bill. The two chose to experiment some with the creation of the video and shows Ohso's directing ability on top of his trap fueled anthem. 
Next up for Ant Ohso Dank is "Right Now",  the second single and video from the forthcoming album. Stay tuned for that while getting familiar to the Massachusetts hitter's latest right here.

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