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@1BStrilla - Waze

Born Bradley Juan Ellison in Hickory, NC on April 22, 1987, B-Strilla grew up on Center Street; the projects of Hickory.  He used music as an escape to get away from the drug environment.  He started making music in 2005, and met a partner that was making a record label.  They named the record label Center Street Records.  In 2006 they made the album, The Beginning that was produced by “DJ View” and put it in Best Buy stores.  In 2009 the owner “Rabbit” was stabbed and killed.  In 2010 the group went their separate ways, and B-Strilla went solo.  Then he started his own label called Big Banking Entertainment with his longtime “Buttaman”. B-Strilla changed the name of the label after his longtime friend was hit and killed on a scooter by a car. On April 22, 2017 he released a project called Die Chasin on all music media outlets.  He is now picking up a buzz on his new single call Waze which is over 50k plays on soundcloud.  This song delivers an inspirational message to the listeners.  It will inspire you not to give up and become confident to face all the challenges.  B-Strilla is currently living in the Atlanta, Ga location building his brand.   


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