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NYK - X The Line

Introspective crooner NYK launches new R&B single ‘X The Line’
HOLLYWOOD, CA – NYK, also known as New Young King, is a contemporary R&B artist from Shreveport, Louisiana, whose career has taken him to Hollywood and beyond. What started as vocals in the church as a young child has grown over the years to include singing, songwriting, acting, producing and even involvement in the business side of the entertainment industry. His new single, “X The Line,” is his newest offering to the world, and it’s one that he hopes will watch the attention of a global audience.
“X The Line” is a breakup song inspired by the end of a relationship that NYK was in for six years. Like many relationships, he said it ended for both “good and bad reasons.” The song explores the ways in which both people in a relationship can cross the line, make mistakes, and how each person tries to save the relationship before finally letting things go.
“X the Line” is a great example of the type of music NYK makes – a tell-all experience filled with great story lines, heavy bass and synth sounds, and vocals that have been honed over years of training.
“I’m classically trained from the time I was in elementary school all the way to today,” NYK said. “I was involved in a lot of competitions over the years that took me to places like Carnegie Hall and even London. I did a lot of classical music, some opera, and initially wanted to go to Julliard before moving to LA. I ultimately decided I wanted to focus on R&B/pop music, and television, and ended up going to The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Hollywood, instead. What sets me apart is my vocal ability. I want to bridge the gap of 90’s R&B with the new-age and what everyone is doing now.”
After graduation from AMDA, NYK was booked on a summer tour in China as an amateur R&B act under the entertainment company Hong Kong Bohan Asia Party. When he returned from what tour, he released his first single “Sex Fiend,” as well as a joint R&B and contemporary rap album entitled “Purple Knights” with Latin hip-hop artist Guapo. Those experiences gained him some notoriety, and he was able to parlay that into regular performances at places like The Mint LA, House of Blues, South by Southwest Music Festival, Hollywood Holiday Parade, Los Globos, The Mic LA, Sayers Club and Jazz Night at the W, just to name a few. In 2017 NYK released his debut album, “Retrospect: Vol. 1.” Now, he is partnering with long-time friend and producer, Eddie J, in partnership with RE-UP Records, to release his new single.
“I definitely would like to spread a message of love and positivity through my music,” he said. “I’ve been through a lot and I want to use my platform as an artist to talk about the fact that you have the power to change your life if you are willing. I see so many people holding themselves back, whether because of fear or self-judgment. Don’t be your worst critic, take a risk. If you can overcome yourself, you can overcome the rest of the world and do whatever you put your mind to.”

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