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Bedeviled Record Label Set to Disrupt Charts

It was a diamond in the rough. After struggling with crappy jobs for a long time, Tony and Kryke Kooly invented the idea of ‘idea publishing.’  The concept was never to go off work; NOW Entertainment is, in fact, an acronym for ‘Never off Work Again Entertainment.’

Unlike other record labels, Now Entertainment fosters cohesion, offering a family set up-to many who were previously homeless, hopeless and without a sense of identity. Most members of the rap crew were there at the very start, and now are tight like never before.

Kryke Kooly used to sleep on Tony’s coach. That was about the time of the conceptualization of Now Entertainment. He, however, went away to the county penitentiary after he was caught dealing cocaine. That is what gives flesh to critic’s conjecture that Now Entertainment is funded by drug money. Of course, Tony M Fountain categorically denies that.

JHugh who has been killing it on tracks like Money Gang and Talkin Money has no clean past either. He draws inspiration from prison walls, painting his life in passionate lyrics and a raspy voice that could crush gates anywhere in the industry. He is not afraid of spitting scorn on brutal discriminative law enforcers, and critics who were born with a silver platter.

SK, the rapper also has a long list of misdemeanors on his rap sheet. It is not just drugs; he is accused of murdering someone, though in self-defense. In one of his tracks- ‘Rite Now’ in which he features JHugh, he strips down his life to the nitty gritty with a confession of the crime.

When he started out though, SK was not a rapper; neither did he dream of it. He was a pro basketball player in the making. He even secured a prestigious scholarship in that regard. However, just as many ballers’ dreams get snuffed, he got a non-forgiving injury that wouldn’t let him go back to the pitch. That was the end of his balling ambitions, and with no support system (his mom is a stripper) he started dealing cocaine on the streets.

If there are any accolades to be awarded to the CEO of a record, you must agree that they should go to Tony M Fountain. He is proudly handling what the law couldn’t handle, taking outlaws and making greatest rappers of all times out of them.

Born in 1984, Tony is now raising two kids. He is both the father and mother of his kids and figure of hope to many talented youths. His love affair with music started in elementary school. That love was the reason why he dropped out of school and got incarcerated in a juvenile prison.

Once he got out, he got his life together and went to study music at Full Sail University. That was the start of change not only for him but also for the whole Wilkinson County in Georgia.

Cult or not, the Now Entertainment team has a date with destiny. All we have to do is watch the space charts.

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