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Young Joe - Round Da Way

Ladies’ man Young Joe gets deeply personal with
new R&B album ‘My Way Out’
TAMPA, FL – Anyone who knows Young Joe knows that he has always been quite the ladies man. From his early days in elementary school he has always been surrounded by girls. And today he has parlayed that reputation into a successful music career as one of the fastest-rising crooners in the country. His new R&B album “My Way Out” is set to launch his career into the stratosphere.
From the early age of 14, Young Joe had a passion for the pen-to-paper concept. Born the second youngest of four in South Florida, he began writing as a way to express himself – telling his story of hardship through written words. Despite the negative surroundings and a life on the streets, he realized early on that the “street life” would never lead him to where he wanted to go. So he turned to music as a way out. After high school, he started hooking up with several local artists and networking at some of the city’s bigger music conferences. He began to meet the right people, and eventually caught a major break when he wrote and featured on “Lights Low,” the first MTV Radio single by platinum recording artist 2 Pistols of Cash Money Records and Universal Motown. The record was produced by Grammy-nominated platinum producers Cool Dre in 2010 and went on to become the No. 2 most-requested song that same year, reached No. 63 on the Hot R&B Hip-Hop Songs, and No. 10 on the Hot Rap Tracks.
He continued that success with more music over the years, and now his album “My Way Out” is ready to take his career to the next level. He said the melodic-album is something he created to tell a story of what he’s been going through lately, and presents a different side of himself than fans have ever seen before.
“I took a back seat to the music industry for a couple of years just to write and work on my craft,” he said. “I was facing some hard times, and I used the music as my way out. This album is themed music as a way out for me and of the lifestyle I was leading before. It really gives you the soul behind my story and my truths.”
The first song off the album sets the tone. “Thugs Cry Too” showcases the ups and downs of relationships with friends and the grind of daily life. It’s a song that encourages others to embrace their emotional side, and it definitely has a deep sense of vulnerability about it. Young Joe said he started with that song because he wanted listeners to know right off that bat that he’s like them in a sense, and that the entire album would be relatable.
“I talk about love, loss, winning and inspiring,” he said. “Most importantly I talk about me and some of the things I’ve gone through and where I’m trying to go in life. What I really wanted with this project was to be able to relate with the common listener. There’s something on this project for everyone. I touch on subjects that are relatable because I want to be able to relate to my listeners. I’m inspired by life and things around me, things I see and people I’m around. People who support me – like family and friends and fans who push me to go farther – are going to be represented in these songs.”

To listen to Young Joe’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:
Snapchat: @youngjoe813

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