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Is Larry Burge Of Hi Desert Living A Sexual Predator And Slum Lord for MAGA?

80 year old Larry Burge, the heir to a trust which includes his wife Mary Burge of Yucca Valley California, is being exposed for sexual harassment and abuse of several female tenants whose properties he manages and owns.

The accusations come from mostly marginalized people of color and low-income families with little to no resources. All claim Burge is a slum Lord who practices threats of illegal evictions and refusal to keep living conditions habitable and safe for tenants under state law.

Larry Burge has been reported to code enforcement several times for properties not keep habitable per reports and claims of several disgruntled tenants stemming from 2012-2018. Several of those complaints come from women who say they feared for their safety by Burge's illegal slum Lord practices 

California has strict laws that protect tenants and women from criminal landlords who violate the tenant-landlord laws and prey on women, if you are considering renting from Larry Burge I would consider other options as this landlord seems unsafe and evil

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