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California Woman Creates Bill For Stricter Child Rape Laws

Sharika Soal, an Activist who resides in  southern California was outraged much like countless others when she read the harrowing court details of the man who filmed a three-month-old baby he sexually assaulted until the first year of her life,v Instead of getting angry, she decided enough is enough and has decided to do something about it. She created a bill to make admitted child rapist of victims undhttp://soaddicted2fresh.com/california-woman-creates-bill-for-stricter-child-rape-laws/er the age of Twelve a mandatory " Life Sentence" or punishable by death depending on the state's laws.

The Bill clarifies it's chief aim within the first sentence "A bill that makes raping, sodomizing, sex trafficking, prostitution, sexually assaulting or sexually molesting a child under the age of Twelve punishable by death and or life in prison in all 50 states in America and US Territories" The Change.org petition has drawn over 2ooo signatures in the 3 days since it’s creation. The supporters are people who felt outraged by lax child rape laws and feel the issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible. In an exclusive statement, Soal tells the media “America should be ashamed of themselves at this stage. We are literally allowing people who rape toddlers and admit it in a court of law to walk around free in our communities while we claim to be passionate about protecting our children" Soal went on to say that " This needs to be done now, this bill is long overdue and every adult that admits to raping a child under the age of twelve and is set free will inevitably victimize more children.” 

Sharika Soal is a  Social Media Specialist and Publicist, after suffering her own experience of child rape by the hands of a close family member she has begun  to pave the way to create meaningful action and encourage supporters to participate in the movement.. “Awareness is an important first step,” said Soal, “Evolving that awareness into real change takes organization and the passion to convince the public to sign the petition and share their personal experiences, donate and attend protests is a big part of creating change.” Despite it seeming like a monumental task, bringing a focus to a cause that highlights protecting our most innocent,  has proved to be Soal's strong point.   

You can sign the petition and support the No Tolerance Act of 2018  here 

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