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A QnA with Newcomer 2 Doses @doses209

Newcomer 2 Doses recently did a brief interview, sort of an introduction. Check it out below. 1.)When did you start and how long have you been doing music? man thats a good question to start off with. I started writing full songs when i was in 7th grade, but would always rap around the house growing up because my pops would throw some flows out there. I didnt get into my first studio until my freshman year in highschool with my boy Critikal who later on would create the group "Make It Slap Productions."when i started rapping my boy nicked named me Ablivee-8, that was the name i went by through highschool and a little after, then in 2008 i changed my name to 2 Doses. been stuck with that. my alter alias is tha milk man haha, but yea got that name off that saying + take two of these and call me in the morning* living through the hyphy era in northern california and listening 2 mac dre, the crest creepaz, money gang, dubee and j diggs, that name fit me well. 2.) Who were your influences and who did yo grow up listening to? well see im from Northern California, born in 88, so to start off with you know I gotta start off with Mac Dre and Tupac.. To me though thats like automatic, how couldn't you, but other artist I would say Johnny Ca$h tha fast gunna (Rip) Dolla out from ATL (rip) , Mase, The Gap Band,Tech N9ne . I been tearning vocals and going to introduce some singing in my music , so lately ive been listening to a lot of Marc E Bassy. There would be so many Artists to mention since i love all types of music. I like to expant my variety and imagination. 3.)Who has your style been compared to? Honestly I couldnt say whos my style has been compared too. I just like to think 2 Doses is one of a kind. haha 4.)What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career? For everyone out there going after any dream not just music I would tell them dont cheat yourself. Do everything the hard way and put everything you have into it. Who cares what anyone says if its negative and ride that wave of positive energy. Also, dont give up, , great things take time and consistency. 5.) Most people don’t know that..... Most people dont know that life is literally what you make it. The only person stopping you is you and self doubt mixed in with fear. Man once you take off those restraints from your self, you will feel a lot better. Just love yourself fully and pay them negative people no mind. 6.)What were your stand out records up to date ? this is my first album to be released 7.)What is your goal in the music industry? For me this industry is just another hill i want to accomplish in my life goal in being many different things and living different styles. I served in the US Army Infantry from Feb 2014 to May 2016. i had one hell of a time training and serving my country. Now i feel i can go out and express my self and create music that i can have people relate to and really put their own life problems. situations, and feelings into the song. I plan on making an impression in the music industry,we shall see how big. 8.) How important is it to have a brand and a image to you? i believe its needed to have something to sell off of. As the business aspect of the music industry you need to be able to show something physical as a logo or character to sell . you want that eye candy to be able to draw in the consumers and have them hooked. People love buying good solid product. its like going to dinner and just everything is cooked right, smells delicious, that steak cooked med rare, dipped up in that A-1, man you are set and you know for a fact you are going to want to brag about it and come back. Im trying to add my own season in this music industry, especially being Chicano and Coming out of Merced, Ca which is the Central Vallley, trying to show everyone, we got rhythm and soul out here as well 9.)What’s next for you where do you see your self in the next 10 years? man in the Next 10 years i would like to be able to have a reunion with you guys on my music and the progression ive accomplished. Would like that have money invested, and performing at major events. Making enough money to give back to my community and family. Would love to hear that my music even saved peoples lives or helped them out during times. we all know we have that one song that helped us through our adversities , so i pray i could do that for at least one person.

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