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Video: Nevelle Viracocha - "Multiply" | @HighKingCocha

EMPIRE's Nevelle Viracocha (veer-ah-cho-a) unveils his cinematic new video "Multiply," in a premiere with okayplayer. The Alabama rapper turned singer/producer is reborn, re-inventing his sound on the first release his forthcoming album ASTRAL HOUR. Produced by 7iLENT, "Multiply" is a genre-bending blend of Rap, Soul and Blues. A sonic departure from his 2016 effort Eff/Pee/Ohh (For Promo Only), "Multiply," is a microcosm of Nevelle's shift in creativity and musical journey. Instead of abandoning Rap altogether in favor of melody, Velle incorporates it, displaying Andre 3000-like crooning while displaying Young Thug-like frenzied energy.

"I made 'Multiply' for all the people who knows what it feels like to be the underdog" says Viracocha. "I'm speaking to those who didn’t start out in first place but refuse to finish last. A reminder that you have to face your reality before you can change it." The video sweeps across indelible images displaying three distinctly different vantage points throughout, placing Nevelle in a tuxedo in an empty theater, on a Grand Piano outdoors, and a jail cell. The Spencer Sease-directed video skillfully weaves Viracocha's 'split' personalities with a bit of social commentary, contrasting freedom of creativity versus freedom from persecution.

Rebirth, the end signifying a new beginning. As Velle puts it, "Multiply" is the thought process that we are built to overcome any hurtle set before us; even when we die, we never really die. Church music for sinners, redemption for the lost, that’s what we create. 'Multiply' to me is the story of trials and tribulations. Tragedies turned into triumph!" With a sound as diverse as his unique nomadic military upbringing, Nevelle Viracocha is in a class by himself.

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