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[Music Video] It's "Just Another Day" For Cali's Finest @CSharp714

Cali artist C-Sharp returns with the Official Music Video for "Just Another Day" from his recent mixtape Driving Habits 2. Releasing banger after banger, C-Sharp's latest visual is no different, catching the up an coming artist smoking good and riding around the city in something clean. Directed by Voice2Hard, "Just Another Day" gives us a picture perfect view of Sharp and his crew mobbing through the sunny Cali streets. Releasing a video for almost every song on Driving Habits 2 it's easy to see C-Sharp is playing no games with people and working his ass off in the meantime. Be sure to download + purchase Driving Habits 2 and press play + share the new visuals from one of Cali's finest C-Sharp!
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C-Sharp - Just Another Day (Official Music Video)

C-Sharp Driving Habits 2


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