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​​J. Littles​ ​- ​"​Lucky​" | @jdotlittles

Hudson County, N.J.’s own J Littles reveals that his talents go well beyond his pen game as he reveals his self-directed new video for “Lucky,” a track brimming with lyrical insights and hints of musical nostalgia.

Producers Onhel x Jo bring that throwback Boom bap sound to “Lucky” by infusing it with head-nodding percussion and dusty vocal samples, both of which Littles uses to shape his lyrical and visual direction. The emcee explains in his bars that even when you think it couldn’t get any worse and you’re going through the worst of it, “The sh*t you complain about could be another person’s dream.”

That sentiment is brought to life by the character portrayed by Littles in “Lucky,” which was shot by VLM Films & Nova Vision. You watch as he moves through what appears to be a truly frustrating day filled with a car that won’t start, time spent in court, and other situations that would normally lead to negativity. But for Littles, he believes that “Ni**as need to count what they blessed with, instead of what they stressed with.”

It may be easier said than done on some days, but the New Jersey rapper’s message of staying hopeful and positive couldn’t be more prudent.

Check out the visuals and head over to the digital retail outlet of your choice to support! Stay tuned for more info and updates on Littles’ forthcoming, currently untitled EP.

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