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Kate Morgan’s Limerent Objects Tackles Justice With Kindness

The cast of Limerent Objects met up recently at Shock City Studios in St. Louis to drop sound for Limerent Objects, a growing web series. 

It’s based off several film-festival ready micro-shorts that were written as Kate Morgan spent time hunkering down in a Dutchtown bathtub as several police raids were transpiring on the neighborhood to help curb sporadic gun violence as pimps were controlling women with it in prostitution rings. 

It’s meant to ask the questions: “What is Justice?” “How do we all see it differently?” The cast/writing crews were hand-selected to be “intersectional,” and each has a different perspective on what it might take to make society more just. 

Check out the live discussion on the up and coming web series and be sure to follow Kate Morgan on Twitter at @SomethingTexty 


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