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Zel Mula - "Distribution" (Mixtape) | @ZelMula

Distribution is the second mixtape from Birmingham rapper Zel Money. The Milwaukee native vigorously expresses himself throughout this project. Songs like "All In", the project's first banger, showcases his melodic skills, while unveiling a goal of Zel's "I'm trying live to see my grandkids". Distribution is a collage of Zel Money's talents and attributes. In the trunk-rattling "Buss Em Down," Zel gets arrogant and lets you know he "made twenty thousand on a breakdown" while maintaining his soulful cadence. Although melodic and sometimes egotistical, Zel informs you he is also conscious of his world and actions. The song entitled "I Wish" tells a story that life in the streets can be filled with sorrow and regret. At 22 years old, Zel Money has most definitely solidified his position in music from Distribution. #LLM

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