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Video: Eric Bellinger Ft. Wale - "G.O.A.T. 2.0" | @EricBellinger @Wale

“Goat 2.0” features Eric and his longtime friend Wale as cops on the hunt for the number one goat, Teyana Taylor, who plays a big time robber in the music video. While on the chase to catch her, Eric ends up falling for her and well, things become quite interesting to say the least. But you’ll have to watch it to see what we’re talking about!

Eric is prepping for his album “Easy Call” to be released and it’s honestly what listeners are going to need. The album is a collective of Eric’s growth as an independent artist and a critical part of his career. If you’re a day one Eric Bellinger fan you would know that the Bellinger way of delivering music very much directly correlates with exactly what is going on in the Grammy award winning artists life. Check out the new video out now!

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