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Raya Ferguson, Running Towards Her Dreams

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It’s not every day that we have the opportunity to meet a unique and talented artist that comes from such a rich and diverse background. So when we spoke to musician and actress, Raya Ferguson, we were impressed by what she has already accomplished at such a young age. A child prodigy, Raya grew up in a multicultural family of both Canadian and Russian heritage. Born in Germany, Raya has moved to a variety of places around the world. Raya said that never staying in the same place for long has given her the ability to easily adapt to different cultures and people. By seeing and experiencing people’s lives all over the world, it made her realize one of the most important things in life, which is to have compassion in your heart.

Indeed, she has seen both joyous events and tragedy while travelling. And from this, she considers herself a very ‘rich’ person. Raya is not referring to money when she talks about riches. Rather, she is talking about the soulful experiences she has witnessed and been a part of. Sometimes, they are overwhelming and the one vehicle she can express herself through is music.
Raya started listening to and playing classical music at the age of 3. A teacher noticed her gift and told her parents to cultivate this talent. So, they enrolled her in a classical music school in Russia. There, she studied 6 to 7 hours a day. She explained, “Music never let me down and I devoted my life to it in gratitude. I honestly believe that classical music is a journey that will provide a lifetime of both listening and educational pleasure.”
Photographer Mila Zvereva
Later, she studied dance and began to create her own music in which to express her ideas and feelings. Eventually, she enrolled in the biggest theatrical university in Europe, GITIS. After attaining her bachelor’s degree, Raya came to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams! She said, “There are so many talented and gifted people here and it makes me work even harder. Every morning I wake up and ‘run towards my dreams.’”
And run towards her dreams she does. Raya is working on her new EP and describes her music as adult contemporary with a lot of strings and piano. And she wants everyone to know that this is not an album about her suffering over a guy, or a break up experience!
This project describes the problems of her generation and the issues that she thinks about everyday. She is searching for the meaning of life. Raya just released a single, “Push Me Away.” To date, this is her favorite because it is about a problem that never stops bothering her… Recently, she visited a school for orphans, and was left speechless by the experience. As a result, she wanted to make a difference in the world. So, 100% of the profits from this download will be donated to Save the Children, an organization that promotes the rights of children all over the world.
Raya also completed a music video, “Make Me Stronger” last year. We recommend that if you feel like you need faith or support, definitely check it out. It is about saying goodbye to certain people in your life, especially if they are hurting you.

Photographer Mila Zvereva
Above all, Raya believes that love, compassion, and kindness are the real reasons why we are all here and if you loose sight of this, you have failed in life. She believes in going towards your dreams, staying loyal to them, and always showing kindness to others.
“Life is a miracle and all of us are a part of it. You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. So, believing in yourself is the way to show respect to something up there that has given us a chance to enjoy our lives.”
Photographer Mila Zvereva
To learn more about Raya, and follow her journey
Instagram: Rayafergusonitunes
Facebook: Raya Ferguson
Official Website: www.rayaferguson.com
iTunes: “Push Me Away” “Make Me Stronger”
Also available on Spotify!

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