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(New Exclusive Interview) Arizona's Number One Wheel Spinner DJ KBK Talks Music And Arizona Marketplace | @dj_kbk

(New Exclusive Interview) Arizona's Number One Wheel Spinner DJ KBK Talks Music And Arizona Marketplace

1. What made you start DJing?

I started fully DJing after DJing in college, I DJ'd the incoming freshman parties and I fell in love with the entire feeling and culture of DJing.

2. Are you from Arizona and what do you feel Arizona brings different to the music industry?

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland, however I have been in Arizona since 1995 so yes I do claim AZ as my home state, I feel Arizona can bring a whole new perspective on life and a different struggle story to explain that we've never seen in Hip Hop before.

3. Breakdown the Arizona DJing scene and is it hard to work with other DJ's in your area?

The AZ DJing scene is fairly competitive because of the lack of clubs and venues to spin at, but I believe that really shows a difference in DJs who are serious and who are not. I work with and have great relationships with many DJs in my hometown, Sierra Vista,
4. You have a couple of major shows coming up. can you speak and the following: The Dates, The Locations (Addresses) and how did those gigs come about?

I have a new residency, which is a weekly permanent gig, at 2 clubs Starting Feb. 2nd I will be at Empire Hookah Lounge in Tucson, AZ every Friday, and Cilantros Bar in Douglas, AZ every Saturday. Both of these came about by doing proper marketing and promoting of my brand, club owners and managers have met and messaged me many times and I feel these two spots are best fit for me.

5. How important do you feel the DJ is scene within today's music culture?

I feel like in Hip Hop the DJ is always the vehicle for the artists even today, though the DJ role may have been changed a bit from its roots/origins, however it still holds a very solid importance.

6. Who are you 3 favorite DJ's and breakdown why they are your favorite?

3 favorite, Number 1 DJ Jazzy Jeff, his skill and composure are amazing the depth of his music collection and how he plays them to fit is unmatched. Number 2 DJ Kid Capri, his work ethic and his start up as a DJ is inspiring his interviews and how he breaks down the game and how he got his rise to fame. Number 3 DJ Z Trip, he is from Arizona and his skills on the wheels of steel blow me away every time, his beat matching and song selection are amazing and I got to see him do his thing in person.

7. What do you have coming up in the near future?

In the near future I have several venues coming up and plan to travel around the state spinning in different cities weekly. 

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