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Darnell Williams - "Fuck Hollywood" | @DarnellWilliams

Darnell Williams is extremely particular about his craft. A strategic perfectionist, the Los Angeles-based artist parlayed a successful career working on music videos for artists like Mac Miller and Big Sean to focus on his main interest—rapping—and meticulously working on songs that have led to his music being featured on HBO’s Silicon Valley and landing him the coveted official 2016 X Games Anthem with “One Spot.” The Detroit native Williams has traveled a path of hardship to come through the other side. Knowing he wanted to be an emcee since the second grade, he was in a rap trio in high school that split when he went to college in Chicago to study film. During his first semester, he met Ill Roots founder Mike Waxx who encouraged him to move to New York City to film music videos. But after they moved to Los Angeles and he split from the company, he found himself broke and homeless, forcing him to move to South Central to sleep on the floor of a friend’s kitchen. "Fuck Hollywood" is an ode to his LA experience.

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