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Theory Hazit Releases Limited Edition Vinyl "The Soul Chops" | @TheoryHazit @KiasuRecords

Producer and recording artist, Theory Hazit, known for his work with Braille, Kokane and Redman, has released an instrumental project every month of the year in 2017! To end the year with a bang, Theory has teamed with indie label Kiasu Records to bring fans "The Soul Chops" - a brand new 20-track instrumental project with some of Hazit's finest work this year. For fans of J Dilla or Madlib, Theory also adds his own vocals and taps Portland's Libretto as well for a guest appearance. Located in Portland, Oregon Kiasu Records is a small but efficient team, purely focused on limited edition vinyl releases, making "The Soul Chops" their third official release of 2017. Available now on a limited edition double 12" LP printed on white vinyl, Theory Hazit's "The Soul Chops" comes via free shipping at KiasuRecords.com

Stream below and be sure to hit up Theory and Kiasu for a limited edition copy of "The Soul Chops"

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