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[Music Video] @CSharp714 Links With Kevin Parx & K-Lien For "Yowder" Dir @Voice2Hard

Orange County rapper C-Sharp has been on fire all 2017. Not only dropping the K-Lien collab EP Keep It Lit, with multiple visuals to match, C-Sharp ends the year strong with the new project Driving Habits 2 and a brand new music video for his lead single "Yowder." Around this time last year, C-Sharp dropped his fan-favorite Driving Habits hosted by Adrian Swish. Now C-Sharp is back again with the release of #DH2 and the highly anticipated video to his single “Yowder” featuring K-Lien and Kevin Parx. Keeping the energy high, C taps in K-Lien and Kevin Park for the banger "Yowder" directed by Voice 2 Hard. With ever improving visuals and consistent output, C-Sharp and team should definitely be at the top of your list for artists to check for in 2018. 

Be sure to stream Driving Habits 2 below and check out C-Sharp latest cook up, Yowder as well. 

Driving Habits 2


K-Lien & C-Sharp - Keep It Lit EP https://indigo-entertainment.lnk.to/scZJJ

K-Lien & C-Sharp - Anyway 

K-Lien & C-Sharp - Keep It Lit (Apple Music)

K-Lien & C-Sharp - Keep It Lit (Spotify)

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