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Video: Shae Brock Ft. Kodie Shane - "All Good" | @ShaeBrockMusic @KodieShane

Shae Brock is a promising 21-year-old pop singer from Arizona who consistently proves her potential with every new release. Today, Complex premieres the James Davis II-directed music video for “All Good,” in which Shae and Sailing Crew’s own Kodie Shane take Venice Beach.  Shae and Kodie link up, hit the Venice Beach Boardwalk and ride bikes together, and head to a campfire by the ocean. Once again, we’re treated to another sunny visual, one that best fits Shae’s philosophy on her soaring hook: “It’s all good we can turn up the radio, it’s all good if it’s not, we can let it go/Riding around with the windows down, screaming it’s all good, it’s all good.” Watch the video above.

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