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SL500 - 'Run Around (Prod by Fractious Frank) | @sl500worldwide

SL500 is a VA-born, NYC-based rapper with an impressive resume of collaborations that span across coastlines and continents — in addition to swapping features with many LA artists (Indica, Lil Blizzard) and Atlanta acts (Nessly), SL works very closely alongside Finnish producer Fractious Frank and an entire network of international artists. Even with these connections, SL is still firmly grounded in the local scene as an active member of 18K and close affiliate of NXGN, two New York collectives that fully embrace the counter-cultures that raised them. On “Run Around” — released as a single on Soundcloud — there is a carefully-crafted galaxy swirling behind SL’s flow. SL500 is one of those artists where you can genuinely hear the visual aesthetic that lives within the sound; thus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that his lyricism feels organically bound to Fractious Frank's atmospheric beat. The visions that result from this pairing are vivid and crystallized, wavy synthesizer twinkling as images of the occult and outer space float in the mind’s eye for the duration of the song. Underneath “Run Around”’s ice-cold crispness is an ominous heartbeat that creeps in and out of focus, adding an intensity to the otherwise poppy quality of SL’s melodic voice (comparable, perhaps, to Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, or even Purpose-era Bieber).

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