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Video: FDF - "Flick Me Up" | @FDfamily_

FDF, consists of artists Flex Mason, Skeeno, and Bopster. Each artist brings contrasting styles and voices, along with a distinct blend of the streets mixed with melodic hooks and unique lyrics. Each artist is from Chicago and are not strangers to hard work and dedication. You can hear the authenticity in their lyrics as they rap about their struggles, pain, and obstacles. They are inspired by artists such as Jay-Z, Nas, Drake, Tupac, Master P, King Louie, DMX, and Big L. FDF developed its first single "Flick Me Up”, produced by Forever Different. The song is a spin around today's social media craze and influence being all about who has the most likes, this new anthem will be a refreshing craze for people all across the globe to follow. FDF will be releasing a “Flick Me Up” dance challenge soon. Stay tuned!

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