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Kwazzie - "Dystopia" A Procursor To Madness | @KwazzieMusic

Micheal “Kwazzie” Kwasnicky is a Canadian rapper, record producer and mixing engineer from Coquitlam (a suburb of Vancouver), B.C. Chase’s style is defined by its often dark and poetic dialogue, which accompanies specific accounts, stories and illustrations of and/or stemming from his personal experiences with mental illness. As well, Kwazzie uses his music as a platform to articulate and work through his various symptoms and their respective effects giving an uncanny realism created by a finessed balance of personal and psychological, harrowing and strange, from a genuinely unique perspective that’s in a world of its own… in more then one way on occasion.

With his debut release Dystopia: A Procursor To Madness, Kwazzie is building a platform for both his career and cause, which is to demystify and educate the public about the abnormal mental illness Kwazzie has dealt and is dealing with. By illustrating and discussing his various symptoms and their effects on his quality of life, Kwazzie will introduce himself, his mental health problems and the severity of these issues starting locally and then expanding to the world stage. By first creating a strong precedence locally, Kwazzie hopes that as his fan base grows, his message and support will as well. Down the road he plans to target and create strong areas of support in cities across North America with higher populations and higher prevalence of mental illness such as Toronto, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles and Nashville. Once capable of doing so, Kwazzie will be setting up his own charitable service and support networks for not just the victims of mental illness but their families, care givers and medical staff as well.

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Twitter: @KwazzieMusic
Instagram: @kwazziemusic
Bandcamp: kwazziemusic.bandcamp.com/releases
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