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Halo Ceasar - God Flow Prod. by Traka BEATZ

Born on the 4th of July, greatness and big celebrations have surrounded Peoria, Illinois native Halo Ceasar his entire life. As a young child listening to some of hip-hop’s most iconic acts such as 2Pac, Outkast, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and Aaliyah, Halo knew his destiny was to be a recording artist and by the age of 9, he took his first steps in becoming an emcee.        

Moving to different parts of the country in his youth also allowed Halo to embrace and be a part of the various musical styles that each region had to offer giving him the opportunity to become a well-rounded emcee. By age 18, officially christened as Halo Ceasar, he took the next big step in his musical career by preparing his first mixtape entitled, “The Morning After.”

Making this project was a challenge for this young aspiring artist as he had to balance the life of learning the ropes of recording in a studio and life as a full-time employee at a mega-retail giant. The two worlds often clashed with each other causing issues at his work and which led to Halo’s eventual dismissal from his job. But all of the great ones have suffered setbacks and each time they picked themselves up off the floor and bounced back - and with that in mind, Halo Ceasar continued to move towards his dream.

Get into this song though. It is a hit. 

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