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Video: Hardaway 'Messy' - @hardaway1k - @enew901

When was the last time you heard a summer hit that sent a shot of turnt up vibes through your body? If it's been too long, then you're going to like this song. Whether you plan on soaking up rays on the beach or more likely to get a tan from your computer light, you'll surely find this a instant summer hit.Coming in at the number 9 spot on Hardway1k's "Streets Love Me" mixtape, "Messy", a 2017 big summer smash hit. Hardaway1k takes jabs at all the "Messy" females out here across the country. Starting with a sample from "Friday", arguably one of the best movies of the "9ineties" He rides the beat with his melodic tone and descriptive verses on the many "Messy" females he came in contact with. This is a great song for any party and the DJs are wearing it out in clubs from Tennessee to Georgia.

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