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Tone Eyeful - "Open Season" | @ToneEyeful

For all emcee’s half-stepping here’s your warning: Tone Eyeful announces it’s open season with his latest single. The aptly titled track serves as a brooding proclamation from the artist next up out of Connecticut. On the nearly three-minute track,”Open Season” covers a barrage of topics, including seeing his peers lose their lives and keeping your eye on the prize through discouragement: “Pops told me ‘Get a job' but I told him if I ever settled I know would feel dead alive/I been reaching for my dreams/Seen a lot of fakes, don’t even know the real/Couple n*ggas that I fed reaching for my meal/F*ck up out my grill/Tell me n*gga, how you feel?” Throughout the track the emerging lyricist displays a talent for switching his style up while remaining clever with impressive wordplay and a catchy hook. In this hip-hop climate that expects its artists to make dope records and actually have something meaningful to say, Tone Eyeful foots that extensive bill. If you're feeling this record check out the laid back banger “Slide Through” (Prod. by Danny Bobby) and keep an ear out for Tone’s next project “Loss of Consciousness” due out later this summer.

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