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Eve Minor- Shooting Stars (@eve_minor)

Queen of the Jungle and Last Day Here are both brilliant hip hop tracks. The delivery of Queen of the Jungle reminds us of Alicia Keys and Michael Jackson, but in a modern Minor way. An eclectic artist, Eve Minor successfully blends genres while making her own in the process.  The piano chops on both trails are part of their charm; with the DJ scratch woven in and an anthemic chant "Keep Fighting", it is a hip hop masterpiece.  Featuring deM atlas on Last Day Here, this brighter track completes the two and ties up the EP for a journey through Eve Minor's artistry and intellect.

Having finished a successful cross country tour, Eve Minor is announcing new things on her social media.
 The Queen of the Jungle music video is slated to drop in late July, in addition to another tour, and a new few tracks from Minor herself.

She went on Twitter to announce from the road that a track potentially titled, Guts, may be surfacing soon. Keep an eye on her socials to play by plays of new things and live performance announcements.  Her live appearances are like none other in energy and musical talent.

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