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Cold World (Web Series) Season 2 Press Release | @ColdWorldNYC

Cold World Web Series

Based on Love, Lust, Heartache & Inspiration. Everyday is a struggle to become a better person than yesterday. How far would you go knowing your next move could very well be your last? This is a journey through the eyes of Brownie Babii. Using love for music & life experiences as a guide.
"Cold World Web Series" is a successful new web series based out of New York; Jamaica, Queens to be exact! As of today, Cold World has released its first season with a total of over 229K views and 3 thousand plus subscribers. The views are growing daily. #CWWS is based on paying homage to hip hop pioneers as well as giving praises to classic movies with touching everyday topics in Urban America.
This series includes original music from various artist from all walks of life. The cast of actors selected, put their blood, sweat and tears into this project. You will receive nothing less than top notch quality, heart felt acting and jaw-dropping scenarios. Every episode has a twist that you wouldn't imagine and has you engaged from beginning to end.
Brownie Babii who is the creator, director, producer and actress drew from life experiences to form the plot. “These issues that we face in today's world is nothing less than cold. I'm dedicated to bring awareness to the world, from the pain of our culture. This project is a response simply stating,I hear your cries and see your scars. It's imperative to shed light while I have the platform to do so! While mainstream media refuses to shed light on various topics, I will be the one to open that window to the harsh reality of many individuals."
The story is based on four characters which includes:
*Brownie Babii (Character Name: Kimberly) She's a hot tempered yet loyal woman who is a rider for those in her life. She will remove any obstacle full force. She is a host and blogger. Kimberly works for the independent artist of the world. Their passion is hers. She has loved, lost and gained love again.
*Lq The King (Character Name: Shawn) He's an aspiring rapper caught in a life of which he thought he left behind. He's there to be the voice of reason for Kimberly and the right hand for T.
*Dyrel Fowler (Character Name: T. He's from the gritty streets of South Jamaica Queens. He's an ex con and isn't accepted by society, so he chooses to take matters into his own hands. Only thing is, he draws others into his world.
*Danielle McGibbon (Character Name: Natasha) She's Kimberly's best friend & looking for love in all the wrong places. She's been used, abused and discarded. Life has gotten the best of her until she discovers poetry aka Hush, (played by Mark Sarauw). She is determined to smile against all odds because Natasha has been tarnished.
Season 2 is on it's way with an highly anticipated wait. What's next for the cast? Who will make it to the end? The stakes are highly and the plot thickens. Stay tuned
Cold World Web Series is having a fundraising event Saturday, August 12 at Forest Hills Park in Queens, NY. All media is encouraged to attend with free admission.

Please R.S.V.P by August 5th to ColdWorldWebSeries@gmail.com.

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