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The Rap Game's Nia Kay Catches Shade In New Diss Video

It appears that even teen rappers are not immune from style jacking and throwing shade as today, up-and-comer from the Bay, Chatty Tally throws a jab at Rap Game star, Nia Kay, with whom she collaborated only weeks ago. Apparently, some shade was thrown by the Nia Kay camp during negotiations for their joint song and video "BARZ", where unkind things were said, and her name purposely misspelled, but the last straw came when two days after the shoot for their video, Nia showed up on The Gram in a complete replica of the outfit Tally wore for the shoot. Oh no she didn't!!
Tally had this to say about this whole affair: "Let me get this out of the way first, as well. 
There's no hate. I think Nia Kay is super talented and I hope she makes it farther than she ever dreamed. I watch the "The Rap Game" like everyone else, so I'm familiar with the cast. They're all great, but when my dad asked me who I wanted to feature this year, I thought Nia Kay would be because of her personality and if you're a 13 year old unknown girl from the Bay area named Chatty Tally and you don't get shitted on by Nia Kay, you're dope and I wanted to prove that to myself. We killed the "BARZ" video and it was all good. I wasn't going to say anything about the little stuff from before (sic) and was back to doing my thing until a IG post pops up two days after our shoot and she had on my "BARZ" video outfit from head to toe. I was shocked."

So, she wrote a song about it. Wanna hear it? Here it is.

Tally goes on to say, "My dad tried to reach out, but they wouldn't return his calls. So I told him, I needed to address this. I knew what would come with it. I wrote the song, expressed my feelings the best way I could, got with my team and wanted to put out a fun, entertaining, hip-hop video for the culture. It seems like they've been wanting to compete and do slick stuff behind the scenes, but what's done in the dark will come too the light kids. If she wants to compete, I'm here or anybody else who want it.  If she doesn't, cool. I'm moving forward and hopefully not talking about this anymore and I do wish her continued success."
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