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Keep It Lit With @IamK_Lien and @CSharp714

Back again K-Lien links up with C-Sharp for the dope new project “Keep It Lit.” 5 tracks deep K and C-Sharp keep the party cracking through their new project featuring the single Leaving With Us with Chris Pen. Stream Keep It Lit via Spotify and watch brand new visuals below:

“K-Lien and C-Sharp have combined forces again dropping their highly anticipated “Keep It Lit” EP. Combined with the “Keep It Lit” video that is out now they have a buzz that’s spreading throughout California like a wildfire! “Keep It Lit” is the project name, and while that phrase often refers to smoking Marijuana, the idea is much more lit than that! The project is perfect for anyone living or lusting for the California lifestyle. Their energy in undeniable and every song will leave you wanting more from this unlikely duo. “Keep it Lit” features production from some of the hottest producers out like DJ Flippp and is guaranteed to keep this summer Lit! K-Lien and C-Sharp are each planning to drop their solo projects this year adding more fuel to their fire!”

Stream via Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/1rglRgFgxd3lsbsciWlKeW

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