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Listen: @AlOneTheRemedy - Legends Of The Fall ft @Illmaculate @Th3oryHazit @SparkerLewis

Mark your calendars Al-One's new EP Sharptongue drops June 2nd!

Portland artist Al-One returns with new heat fresh off of releasing his Good God Bad Business video, produced by !llmind. This time Al connects with fellow Sandpeople member and battle rap legend illmaculate, as well as a legend in his own right - MC/Producer Theory Hazit. Al, ill, and Theory serve up a deadly amount of BARS over the smooth yet banging production provided by Rey Holliday. Illmac leads things off, breaking down the methods to his madness like only the champ can. While Al steps up next showing no signs of weakness, hitting the people with his slick wordplay and game. Finally, Theory Hazit knocks this song out of the park - dancing all over the beat with metaphors for days. Two releases in and it's looking like Al-One's new EP Sharptongue is going to be straight fire, officially worldwide June 2nd. 

Catch up on Good God Bad Business and stream the new single from Al-One Legends Of The Fall featuring illmaculate and Theory Hazit. 

Legends Of The Fall ft illmaculate and Theory Hazit (prod by Rey Holliday)

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