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Eearz - "Ride Shotgun" | @eearz

Whenever you hit plan on a visual from Eearz, a high-level of energy is to be expected and his new music video for "Ride Shotgun" is no different. Featured on Eearz to da Streets Vol. 1, "Ride Shotgun" now comes accompanied with motion picture-like optics. Set at gentlemen's club, Eearz witness one of the female talents getting harassed by a couple of guys up to no good. Between lively performance shots of Eearz in front of his Lamborghini, to alluring shots of women on stage, the video comes to explosive end as the Eardruma's rapper speeds of with his new girl riding shotgun.

Eearz to da Streets Vol. 1 & 2 are available here across all platforms.

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