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Drez McFlan - "Pay The Rent" | @DREZMcFLAN

Representing Detroit, MI, Drez McFlan grew up immersed in hip-hop culture, inspired by artists that range from the Motor City's own Blade Icewood, to Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, E-40, and several others. Talented in his own right, Drez McFlan has a work ethic like no other and it shows in his recent releases. Back in March, the D-Town rapper released Overnite Sensation: Sunset Pt. 1 and Overnite Sensation: Sunset Pt. 2 on back to back days, providing the masses with 19 tracks in all. Keeping his foot on the gas, Drez returns to push his newest official single, "Pay The Rent" — a focused, hard-hitting track that stirs up an abundance of motivation that will make even the laziest people start stacking some money. When asked about the inspiration behind his latest single, Drez explained, "I was in the spot working, writing rhymes, paying bills, and my landlord was on my head! I had to strap my nuts on, pay those bills, or get put out on my ass and move back with with my family." McFlan went on to say, "Lord knows I wasn't having that shit, so I had to do what I had to do. It was really self-motivation."

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