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Al-One Reveals The Official Artwork + Tracklisting For Sharptongue | @AlOneTheRemedy

Due out this Friday, June 2nd Portland artist and Sandpeople representer – Al-One The Remedy drops the official artwork and tracklisting for his new project Sharptongue.

Good God Bad Business (Prod by !llmind)
Blowin’ Mary (Prod by Rey Holliday)
Legends Of The Fall ft Illmaculate, Theory Hazit, & DJ Spark (Prod by Rey Holliday)
How Many More ft HALFMANHALF (Prod by Chase Moore)
Sleep The Light Away (prod by Rey Holliday)
Un Introduccion ft Gray and Serge Severe (Prod by Panama Red)
Sponberg For Mayor ft My-G, Pro Logic, and Brown Ceasar (Prod by Pale Sale)
Listen to Legends Of The Fall and God Good Bad Business below!

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