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News: Film Production Company Industry Unlocked Set To Release First Short Film "Circles"

Film Executives, Luc R. Stephen and Dashamaine Jamal Doctor p/k/a Doc are set to release their short film, “CIRCLES”. It is a twenty minute HIV/AIDS awareness film that educates viewers on ways the virus can be contracted coupled with an unexpected twist as two people begin their early stages of dating.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic is still spreading rampantly. What are HIV and AIDS? HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. AIDS means Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is the most advanced stage of HIV infection. How can you get HIV? HIV is transmitted through contact with the blood, semen, genital fluids, or breast milk of a person infected with HIV. Having unprotected sex and sharing needles or syringes with a person infected with HIV are the most common ways HIV is spread.

The premier screening of “CIRCLES” was held in Mid March at the 40/40 Club in New York City where viewers got a glimpse of what is to come from Industry Unlocked. Sponsored by Plush Vodka, Nikki Luke Treats, and Housing Works for AIDS Awareness, the event was a huge success.

Executives Luc and Doc are most known for their four part film series, PREY BEFORE YOU EAT starring Annie Hezekia, Raquel Mills, Kyah Baby, Chrisopher Copeland, MiMi Faust, and Rip Michaels. PREY BEFORE YOU EAT 3 will be released this summer on YouTube. Now into its second installment, this “Set It Off” inspired series has garnered well over 250k views on YouTube. PREY BEFORE YOU EAT is about two young women disheartened by their upbringing, who develop a savory taste for money. With robbery and murder on the menu, their lives spiral out of control as the they attempt to pull off robberies that will give them a chance for a better life. The film’s first installment was released spring of 2016.

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