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Joey Doyles - "Business As Usual" | @joeydoyles

Hip-Hop recording artist Joey Doyles aka Yola brings a complete original style to the music industry with his lyrics, charismatic metaphors, unique voice, and soulful catchy hooks. Through his music and brand he reaches a heavy demographic throughout the entire world. Growing up face to face with poverty he has brought real life issues and situations to the people everywhere as talked about in his music. Doyles has just released 4 new CD's (Undeniable/Better Than The Greatest/Black Jesus/My American History).

Now it's 2017 and this artist is extremely determined on changing the industry, working with producers such as Ty Rose, Tha Noize, and New Wave Sound. His music is currently being considered for TV placements and radio play on the highest of levels. My American History is now in stores which features collaborations of a variety of artists and hit producers. Below is his new single "Business as Usual," produced by Tha Noize.

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