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More Than Hip Hop Interviews Rob Stashiz | @RobStashiz

Where are you from?
I'm from the city of Philadelphia Pa known as Philly.

How did you meet with Raw Deal Squad Entertainment?
I put this movement together in the early 2000's which makes me the founder of Raw Deal Squad Ent.

What are your thoughts on the current state of Hip Hop?
I'm from that era so I appreciate the current State of Hip Hop and how it has evolved into a force where ppl didn't think would ever have such an powerful impact culturally. Hip-Hop has opened doors and created many jobs & opportunities for artist to become bosses and owners expanding in corporate America.

What separate yourself from other artist?
My story alone is one that separates me from the average rap artist as far as being a Cancer survivor at a early age of 15-16yrs old fighting and being able to channel my emotions into an art of my expression to tell my stories growing up in some of the craziest conditions and still coming out at the end a true winner of life period.

Who or what inspires you?
God & my Family is all the inspiration I will ever need to go hard and progress, anything else beyond that is just fuel for my innovation.

Who would you like to work with?
I use  to answer that question with no hesitation but now I see how ppl operate in this game I'd rather not name names for the fact it's too much fake and back biting feel me. I'd just leave that open for now because you never know I might say I want to do a song with a person and turn out their not what they portray to be in real life ya heard me. That goes for artist and producers it really has to be some real chemistry in that mix.

Explain the story behind Ready To Live and what advice do you have for someone fighting the same illness?
The story behind Ready To Live is my real life experience and fight with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma(Cancer). The advice for dealing with that type of situation is keep fighting you have to stay positive praying eating healthy staying on top of your treatments getting your regular routine check ups but most of all exercise enjoy life less stressing and the time you are giving even on your weakest days just push yourself but don't over exert the body. If you're fighter keep fighting train your mind mentally to tell yourself everyday is a round I refuse to be beaten go down.

Who's the sound behind the messages (i.e. producers)?
I have my go to Producers that I consistently work with but for ''Ready To Live'' that credit goes to my fam Tune215 from Philly, he's worked with some big names in ATL. My other go to guys are EyseDaSupa from the legendary Philly group Naam Brigade bka Task Force & Atoduh4200 aka Dj Flatline.

I hear chemistry have you been working with these producers for a while?
Yes I have at least 4-5 yrs easy. When you have Producers that build production around your style aw man that's a match made in heaven you can't mess that chemistry up.

What are some of your strengths as a artist that contribute to your style and sound?
Being able to think outside the box as far as being creative. My art of storytelling, concepts, substance, challenging myself and always keeping the passion before money thought process. I'm always trying to do the impossible in my music like saying some of the slickest wordplay and harmonizing which cats in my city scared to do. They can rap for days but not everyone has that complete package of being an all around artist that can actually be able to hit charts. I'm speaking from experience I've seen my work on Digital Radio Tracking(DRT).

What are your plans and goals as a artist?
My plans and goals as a artist is to get the world keened in on my craft, my story, my brand, and my movement leveling up and being able to compete my music with the top players in the game no matter who it is. I'm going to take my company to the top and then expand it to different endeavors like any other successful indie label and bring it back for Philly the way its suppose to be for the next generation. I tell ppl now I want my company to be the New Motown(Berry Gordy) of my city helping others live out their dreams and watching the young youth accomplish their goals as well.

Are you a parent? How do you balance your career and being a father?
Yes I am a full time Parent all day all night first. I've put my career on hold numerous times thru years to make sure my kids didn't have to see a struggle like I did coming up so if I have to punch a clock or hustle these streets to pay these bills and take care of my family that's just life and the cards I was dealt. Remember I do this because I have a passion for music but if them bags not coming in right now I have to resort to other options to provide until my time come feel me and that's it.

Any shout outs?
I want to shout out and salute God 1st, Family 2nd, all my real supporters, and last My Squad RDSE.

Biggie or Pac?
 I'm rocking Tupac and that's because he came in before Biggie. I grew with Pac's music and seen how he could transform his pain into music and held no punches reporting the most conscience but hard heart felt messages. Don't get me wrong in any way I'm a Biggie fan ass well, I just tell ppl they were both great in their own lanes it's really no comparison and that's facts I never debate with anyone when it comes to those greats right there. Everyone is going to give their opinion but never give you the facts of it, it's always who was better then who like MJ & Prince. I look at the work ethics & accomplishments, they look at it from a rap battle perspective. RIP to the greats regardless they made their impact and still relevant in conversation until this day!

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