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Kado Barlatier-Whistling Through the Graveyard (Mixtape) | @KadoBarlatier

If you pay attention to the underground scene, you can't deny the impact that the small state of Massachusetts is making.

One of the most polished, diverse and insightful emcee out of the state is Kado Barlatier.

Kado has a story like many rappers hoping to make it out but unlike most, Kado has really made strides to improve and better his life and has a rock solid team behind him.

"Whistling Through the Graveyard" is a fantastic display of Kado's conceptual mind. The mixtape delivers both tones of despair and hope at certain points and his ear for production and willingness to expand outside one box is what separates Kado.

Listen to the lead single "Trick Daddy" Below!

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