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Join Us For Our How to Market & Sell Your Products Online Workshop 4/5 @MIST_Harlem @NYCentre via @iamsilviav_

Join STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in collaboration with Mist Harlem as we introduce an evening of information and professional development. Hosting the evening, will be Professor and CEO of Phat Time, Alvin Rogers. This is the perfect opportunity for artists and entrepreneurs to learn industry selling strategies to move their products to the next level. Come get the information needed to effectively run, market, and grow your business! This is a hands on workshop – BRING YOUR LAPTOP. After registering, you will be given access to all the workshop content: files, web links, tutorials and videos. The evening will be broken into three sections; 1. Computer literacy Overview How to Buy a Computer, Python and You, Jobs Robots will Replace, Machine Learning, Computer Literacy Quiz. 2. Blog - The Control Center Defining your Big Vision, You Are Traffic! The Perfect Blog, Call-to-Actions, Becoming an Authority Celebrity, SEO Marketing, Human Resources. 3. Internet Marketing & Sales Internet Marketing -vs- Social Media Marketing, Types of Traffic, Types of Buying, Finding Sites to Sell your Products, Site Rankings, 
Costing Out Your Campaign. NYC- Entrepreneurs. 

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Twitter - @NYCentre 

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