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@FrankMcfly_ new project debut "Know Ur Worth

The debut of "Know Ur Worth" by Frank McFly is finally here. “Know Ur worth” is a project that has been deemed the most highly anticipated piece of work from independent artist Frank. The song and video were created to send a deep message to his fans about the importance of woman’s empowerment. Dedicating itself to strong women who really raise the bar. As well as stressing the value and importance of all woman. According to Frank, the project released last week was created as more of a short film. A snapshot if you will into the life of a woman dealing with Domestic violence, raising much-needed awareness to this issue. Though frank is an independent artist himself, he made sure to take the lead role as executive producer and writer for the project making sure to share his ideas and experiences throughout the entire process. Proving that not only is he a talent artist but an aspiring producer as well. Being sure to try his hand at mixing and mastering parts of the project himself. Though frank does hope the project gains traction and revenue his goal more than anything is to create a better reputation for the Hip hop industry and the ways in which they portray young women, saying quote
"Women unconsciously start to believe what they hear about themselves in songs and on social media. We need to fix the stereotype and uplift our women with positive reinforcement".
With that being said, Frank McFly's next EP has been dedicated all woman, whom he's found have become some of his biggest supporters. Check out the short film and EP titled Know Ur Worth below

And Follow @FrankMcFly on his website @ www.FrankMcfly.com for the latest news, updates, radio interviews and music releases.

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