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Listen to Dolla Black (@DollaBlackBDE) - Yes

After giving us his inner thoughts on "Almost Time", then returning with the aggressive "Guess Who's Back", Dolla Black is back to continue his #BlackFridays series. For week 3's iteration he once again gives us a different side of his musical styling with "Yes". The versatile rapper from Mississippi caters to both the ladies and the club, crafting a track that is fit for your late night escapades.

Helping to round the track out with a melodic touch is Hollywood Luck, who turns in an impressive feature. Production on this one is handled by AVEVO once again, who also shows how diverse his sounds can be compared to weeks one and two of this series. Be sure to check it out and subscribe at www.dollablackbde.com to stay tuned to all of his Dolla Black's releases in the future.

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