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Interview w/ Beads Z. Wider | @Beads_Z_Wider @StackOrStarvDJs @DoughFromDaGo @LBLHipHopdotcom

One of our very own, Beads Z. Wider, recently sat down with the Midwest powerhouse, Stack or Starve DJ's, to discuss his history, his future and some tips and free game for up and coming artists.

"Oh man, Im a huge fan of everyone from my state because it’s really hard for artists from out here to make it and a lot of times, it’s due to a stigma we have been fighting for years. If you know your Hip Hop history, I don’t need to elaborate."

"There’s a lot of things artists need to know and improve upon, I have daily interactions with artists and 9 times out of 10, the artists approach is all wrong.

OWN your music and name, first.

Do not spam and tag! Actually take the time to reach out an introduce yourself.

Do not ask 200 questions and then say, “Let me talk to my manager”. Send your manager to me, if that’s the case.

Do not run away when asked what your budget is.

and most importantly, know what YOU want and what YOUR vision is before jumping into talks with anyone."

Read The Whole Interview Here!!

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