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Get to Know: Uniceson (R&B Sensation) | @Uniceson @VVEntLLC

Nowadays, one of the only genre's of music in more disarray than Hip Hop has to be R&B and it's often a sad song to hear when we can't figure out of the singer is actually singing.

Luckily, the R&B world has been blessed with fast rising; singer, producer and songwriter, Uniceson.

Born in Philly and currently residing in New Jersey, Uniceson, has been lucky enough to travel the country and make impacts in every city he has stopped in from Colorado City to Orlando.

Unlike most new age singers, Uniceson, has the ability to master his music in all aspects from thoughts to a finished record which gives him an innate advantage when he rocks the stage. 

Whether he is sweeping you off your feet with his range and tone or wowing you with his stage presence, Uniceson, is definitely one to watch for. 

Uniceson is currently managed by Vonchelique Victoria Entertainment, LLC based out of North Carolina. 

2017 has started out extremely strong for the NJ entertainer and if the first month of the year is any indication of what's to come, Uniceson isn't going anywhere!

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