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New Video: TruVez – Amerika’s NightMare Featuring Akevius | @iamtruvez

New Video: TruVez – Amerika’s NightMare Featuring Akevius

New Video: TruVez – Amerika’s NightMare Featuring Akevius

Mr.Mince Productions Inc is a full service music Company located in Jacksonville, FL. Jeremy “Mr.Mince” Mincey is (CEO) of MMP and The Men Moving Positive movement. We Produce some of the finest talents from local to Global. Facilitating and encouraging the pursuit of keeping heads nodding, knowledge, art, culture and responsible leadership through Hip hop Blending deep southern roots with up north word play Tavares Stephens, better known as TruTV, is laying a brick foundation in the ever growing world of rap. The masterful lyricist is blessed with a near perfect memory allowing him the unique ability to freestyle over tracks he’s never heard before and repeat the flow immediately, verbatim. Draped in versatility, TV’s talent has been stamped with approval by industry great Special-the musical liaison known for being instrumental in the careers of many artists including rap king Busta Rhymes. Born in the Statesboro, Georgia, TruVez grew up in the well known Butler Homes Projects and recalls seeing a lot in his neighborhood. From some of his family members running numbers to other family members hustling,early life in Butler homes gave TruVez a unique view of the world. The son of a military step-father and a store clerk mother saw even more when his family left U.S. in the early 90’s and moved to Mainz Weisbaten, Germany. At the age of 8 TruVez learned to speak fluent German and was translating the language for his parents. This was one of the first signs that the future rapper wasn’t just the average kid from the projects. Toughened by his early life, and in a whole new environment, TruVez would get into scuffles with local German children who taunted him not knowing he fully understood their language. Life in Germany taught him to be observant and diversified in his appreciation for music due to his step-fathers love for music such as jazz, blues, r&b and so on. It was there, during those quiet days in Germany, that TruVez developed a love for his craft but that love was kept hidden while the young musician sorted out life in a foreign land. Check Out the Music!!! TruVez ft. Akevius “Amerika’s NightMare” It Speaks for Itself!!!! God Bless!

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