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Music: @friimuzik 'I Go Far' ft. Sasso

Go hard or go home is the motto, so in that case I Go Far! Skot Frii references to breaking through the social barriers that many of us face as a culture, in pursuit of our dreams; the not so pretty routes that some of ourselves and street savy mentors mastered through the inequality & lack of opportunity, in rebellion to systematic opression with a by any means necessary attitude. This jazzy southern rap hip hop tune blends nicely with Skot Frii melodic tones. The hook encourages cultural awareness & passion & inspiring the masses to uplift and teach each other as we learn better ways to achieve our dreams. The featured artist Sasso brings a saucy South street swagger that expresses the daily grind we can most relate to as he finesses his way through simply put, the "B.S." unscathed. This track goes hard, but goes Far on so many levels.

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