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Apehouse - The Dawning

Based in a city known for the original Black Wall Street, oil wells and a rich Delta Blues sound, rap collective Apehouse is one of the most buzzing groups to come out of Northeastern Oklahoma in a long time. Moving like a well oiled machine, group members Hollywood P and Shamarius have known each other since elementary school, while Stax and Shamarius are cousins. "We started in elementary school, me and Prez used to beat box on morning announcements in 5th grade, it was something we loved and we've been doing it ever since. We just built a studio a few years ago and here we are today," Stax said. The guys make it seem easy after naturally getting started, but with solo albums following The Dawning compilation, Apehouse is diligently working and planning for a big run this Fall leading into 2017. "We've been working on it for about a year," Shamarius explained. "We just catch vibes, we've been producing all our music forever, we just kind of came together all three of us and wasn't really no secret way, and this is what we've got, we got a masterpiece." Staying true to their roots and ignoring distractions, Apehouse has been focused on remaining true to what they know, not following trends and what other artists do. "I think our style of music is really just internal, everything is in house, we aren't trying to do or sound like anyone else, we are doing some shows and using word of mouth to build our fans, but social media has been a big way to find new fans." Hollywood P said.

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