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Georgia police tase wrong man and then arrest him

Three cops in Savannah, Georgia tased and handcuffed an auto mechanic—then realized they had the were tasing the wrong person.  
The Daily Beast Reports 
Patrick Mumford, 24, was sitting in a driveway the afternoon of Feb. 1 when officers with the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department approached him. Less than a minute later, they shot him twice with a stun gun.
The police had a warrant for another man, Michael Clay, but immediately assumed they had their guy. Indeed, the lawmen believed Mumford was Clay, and that he was lying about his identity, a review of body camera footage shows.
Now Mumford’s fate is hanging in the balance because Savannah police mistook him for someone else. After the frightening encounter, Mumford was charged with violating probation—stemming from a nonviolent drug offense—and could spend up to seven years in jail, his attorney says.
The video is intense so watch at your own risk...

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