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Nico Fazio the producer who's giving the majors a run for their money

Nico Fazio an 18 year old Canadian native producer from Windsor, ON. has produced for Pro Era 47 Embroidery, Cory Gunz  Stro, East Coast G Funk, KR Off the Record, Lurkavelli Everything's Still the Same, Futuristic Hush Remix, and MANY more and you can hear them all on his discography page. Nico also designs clothing and has put on several releases, some being collaborations with his very famous manager  Miles Davis and a clothing company "Curious Collection". in his spare time Nico likes to draw and paint as well. This kid has a multitude of talents and it's just the beginning!  Get into it! 

When asked what inspired Nicos passion for music he humbly stated 
"I wanted to create my own things, honestly. Anything I could call mine. At the time, I was 13 and was just becoming interested in Hip Hop. As a young kid, I would love hearing the beats that 50 Cent was laced with when I heard him occasionally on the radio. I’ve always had a thing for rap production. I ended up downloading a few music production programs onto my laptop, and 2 and a half years later I’m here."

Check out Nico Fazio's soundcloud and be on the look out for his next release "Create" to drop on the 15th of June!  Also follow Nico Fazio on social media @NicoFazio  

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