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Maria Ruiz the woman behind the Standford Rapist petition speaks out |@MariaLaMetida

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It's no secret I love me a strong strong woman. Maria Ruiz is high on my list of women in the forefront changing the world and sticking up for injustices that plague this country. The most uncomfortable injustice to say the least. Sexual assault.  Everyone by now unless you are living under a rock has become familiar with the "Standford Rapist" which because of extreme pettiness and don't think his name deserves anymore shine will refer to him as such.
Maria Ruiz began a petition to have the judge who gave the "Standford Rapist" a sentence that enraged the public by the 100's of thousands and that is no exaggeration as the petition now has over 1 million signatures. So I decided to speak with Maria because it took courage to take the bold initiative to create the Change.org petition.  Maria Ruiz was more than happy to speak with me and her answers to my questions were very much inspiring
What inspired you to start the petition ?
The victims letter, the judges blatant disregard for her and clear concern for the rapist as well as my two close friends who have been victims of rape. (There are now 8 more who have disclosed to me. Rape is an epidemic)
you're very brave! Did you think the petition would grow so fast?
Never in a million years did I think I would be looking at 1 million signatures and be in a place to pressure change to happen.
What do you hope to accomplish when all is said and done?
I would like Persky impeached for bias. An impeachment for bias in his case would give Emily Does lawyers a reason to fight the sentence he was given. It would give prosecutors a leg to stand on something to fight with. The sentencing was unfair and so so painfully light. We are waiting on several responses from California assembly members. We have reached out to ms speier who plans to read Emily's statement to congress making it congressional record and we are waiting on a formal response from the White House
You're a hero! Do you have any advice for young women ? what would you say to the victim of you could see her face to face ?  
My advice for young women is basically do not ever let anyone say you cannot do something. Do not ever feel helpless, you are stronger than you imagine. As for if I met Emily face to face, I do not think I would have words, just tears and hugs. Lots of ugly crying and love.

Where can people find you on social media or the petition and how can the public further help you
I thank all of them for signing. Wash and every one helps pressure  action from the assembly. Without them none of this would be possible If anyone has questions comments ideas or ways to put me in contact with assembly members I would love them to tweet me @MariaLaMetida and All counted made a survey for me to use in case I ever have to present to the assembly if you could share the link it would be very helpful 

This is amazing and thank goodness for people like Maria and all the people who signed the petition and have spoken out. It's time we start taking sexual assault much more seriously as a whole nation.

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